EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue 2024


EFORT Open Reviews Instructional Lectures Annual Congress Issue


Welcome to the 2024 EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue. This collection includes a selection of the Instructional Lectures to be presented at the 25th EFORT Annual Congress in Hamburg, Germany.

These papers have all been published online in the May 2024 issue.


Instructional Lectures


General Orthopaedics


Artifical intelligence in surgery: ethical considerations in the light of social trends in the perception of health and medicine
Heiner Fangerau
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 323–328

Long bone uninfected non-union: grafting techniques
Enrique Gómez-Barrena and Christian Ehrnthaller
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 329–338

Bacteriophage therapy in musculoskeletal infections: from basic science to clinical application
Tristan Ferry, Jolien Onsea, Tiphaine Roussel-Gaillard, Cécile Batailler, Thomas Fintan Moriarty, and Willem-Jan Metsemakers
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 339–348


Hand & Wrist


WALANT surgery of the hand: state of the art
Ilse Degreef and Donald H Lalonde
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 349–356




Individualized megaimplants in acetabular revision arthroplasty: what have we learned in the last 15 years?
Thorsten Gehrke, Mustafa Citak, and Mustafa Akkaya
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 357–362




How to manage a native stiff knee
Francesco Pirato, Federica Rosso, Federico Dettoni, Davide Edoardo Bonasia, Matteo Bruzzone, and Roberto Rossi
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 363–374

Joint line and knee osteotomy
Andrea Pratobevera, Romain Seil, and Jacques Menetrey
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 375–386




Modern treatment of unicameral and aneurysmatic bone cysts
Elisa Pala , Giulia Trovarelli, Andrea Angelini, Maria Chiara Cerchiaro, and Pietro Ruggieri
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 387–392




How to distinguish a benign from a malignant tumour in children and when should a biopsy be done and by whom
Marta Salom and Inês Balacó
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 393–402


Shoulder & Elbow


Diagnosis and treatment of posterior shoulder instability based on the ABC classification
Alp Paksoy, Doruk Akgün, Sebastian Lappen, and Philipp Moroder
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 403–412

Which radial head fractures are best treated surgically?
Anna E van der Windt, Lisette C Langenberg, Joost W Colaris, and Denise Eygendaal
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 413–421




Advancing spine care through AI and machine learning: overview and applications
Andrea Cina and Fabio Galbusera
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 422–433




Immediate management of a stable patient with unstable pelvis
Juan Ramón Cano, José Manuel Bogallo, Alicia Ramirez, and Enrique Guerado
EFORT Open Reviews (2024) 9 434–447