EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue 2023


EFORT Open Reviews Instructional Lectures Annual Congress Issue

Welcome to the 2023 EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue. This collection includes a selection of the Instructional Lectures to be presented at the 24th EFORT Annual Congress in Vienna.

These papers have all been published online in the May 2023 issue.


Instructional Lectures


Foot & Ankle

Ankle fractures in the elderly: Do we have new concepts?
Michael J Raschke, Sabine Ochman, and Alexander Milstrey
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:223–230


General Orthopaedics

Anterior cruciate ligament failure and management
Juan Carlos Monllau, Simone Perelli, and Giuseppe Gianluca Costa
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:231–244

Psychology in orthopedics and traumatology: an instructional review
T Gosens and B L den Oudsten
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:245–252

Making the diagnosis in prosthetic joint infection: a European view
Martin McNally, Irene Sigmund, Andrew Hotchen, and Ricardo Sousa
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:253–263

Biological aspects to enhance fracture healing
Paul L Rodham, Vasileios P Giannoudis, Nikolaos K Kanakaris, and Peter V Giannoudis
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:264–282

Best practice in digital orthopaedics
Agnieszka Halm-Pozniak, Christoph H Lohmann, Luigi Zagra, Benedikt Braun, Max Gordon, and Bernd Grimm
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:283–290


Hand & Wrist

Microfasciectomy in Dupuytren’s disease: microsurgery in the evolution toward safer and more efficient fasciectomy and hand surgery
Ilse Degreef, Kira Vande Voorde, and Maarten Van Nuffel
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:291–297



Spinopelvic challenges in primary total hip arthroplasty
George Grammatopoulos, Moritz Innmann, Philippe Phan, Russell Bodner, and Geert Meermans
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:298–312



The third compartment of the knee: an update from diagnosis to treatment
David Barrett and Angela Brivio
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:313–318

ACL surgery: reasons for failure and management
Emanuele Diquattro, Sonja Jahnke, Francesco Traina, Francesco Perdisa, Roland Becker, and Sebastian Kopf
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:319–330



3D printing for patient-specific implants in musculoskeletal oncology
Daniel Kotrych, Andrea Angelini, Andrzej Bohatyrewicz, and Pietro Ruggieri
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:331–339


Shoulder & Elbow

Superior capsular reconstruction: current evidence and limits
Rui Claro and Hélder Fonte
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:340–350

Management of the stiff elbow: a literature review
Mark F Siemensma, Anna E van der Windt, Eline M van Es, Joost W Colaris, and Denise Eygendaal
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:351–360



Surgical management of lumbosacral and sacral fractures: roles of the pelvic and spinal surgeons
Charles Court, Leonard Chatelain, Barthelemy Valteau, and Charlie Bouthors
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:361–371



The sequence of the treatment of combined fractures of the pelvis, spine, and extremities in polytraumatized patients
Cora Rebecca Schindler, Ramona Sturm, Jason Alexander Hörauf, Ingo Marzi, and Philipp Störmann
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:372–381

Severely injured patients: modern management strategies
Vasileios P Giannoudis, Paul Rodham, Peter V Giannoudis, and Nikolaos K Kanakaris
EFORT Open Rev 2023;8:382–396