EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue 2022



Welcome to the 2022 EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue. This collection includes a selection of the Instructional Lectures to be presented at the 23rd EFORT Annual Congress in Lisbon.

These papers have all been published online in the June 2022 issue.


Instructional Lectures


Foot & Ankle

Osteochondral lesion of the talus: still a problem?
Fabian Krause and Helen Anwander
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7: 337–343


General Orthopaedics

Explant analysis and implant registries are both needed to further improve patient safety
M M Morlock, E Gomez-Barrena, D C Wirtz, A Hart, and J P Kretzer
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7: 344–348


Hand & Wrist

Total joint replacement for osteoarthritis of the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb: why and how?
Joris Duerinckx and Frederik Verstreken
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7:349–355



Proximal femur fractures in patients taking anti-coagulants: has anything changed?
Marilena Giannoudi and Peter V Giannoudis
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7: 356–364

Cup placement in primary total hip arthroplasty: how to get it right without navigation or robotics
Geert Meermans, George Grammatopoulos, Moritz Innmann, and David Beverland
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7:365–374

Dislocation fracture of the femoral head in adult
Philippe Chiron and Nicolas Reina
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7:375–383



Extensor mechanism ruptures
Reha N Tandogan, Esref Terzi, Enrique Gomez-Barrena, Bruno Violante, and Asim Kayaalp
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7:384–395

Optimizing indications and technique in osteotomies around the knee
Andrea Ferrera and Jacques Menetrey
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7:396–403


Shoulder & Elbow

Tendon transfers for massive rotator cuff tears
Antonio Cartucho
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7:404–413



Idiopathic scoliosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of heritability
Tian Cheng, Elisabet Einarsdottir, Juha Kere, and Paul Gerdhem
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7:414–421



Management of fracture-related infection in low resource settings: how applicable are the current consensus guidelines?
Elizabeth K Tissingh, Leonard Marais, Antonio Loro, Deepa Bose, Jamie Ferguson, Mario Morgensten, and Martin McNally
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7:422–432

Acetabular fractures treatment needs in the elderly and nonagenarians
Julia Riemenschneider, Jan Tilmann Vollrath, Nils Mühlenfeld, Johannes Frank, Ingo Marzi, and Maren Janko
EFORT Open Rev 2022;7:433–445