EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue 2019



Welcome to the 2019 EFORT Open Reviews annual issue collection. This collection includes a selection of the Instructional Lectures presented at the 20th EFORT Congress, as well as a special collection of review articles on Orthopaedic Registries addressing topics around the theme of the 2019 EFORT Congress.

These papers have all been published online in the June 2019 issue, as well as in a printed issue of the journal distributed at the 20th EFORT Congress, Lisbon, 5–7 June 2019.



EFORT Open Reviews: Evolution
Author(s): Pierre Hoffmeyer


Acknowledgement to reviewers 2018
Author(s): Pierre Hoffmeyer



EFORT Open Reviews: the Editor-in-Chief's perspective
Author(s): George Bentley


Instructional Lectures


General Orthopaedics and Basic Science

Subchondral bone remodelling in osteoarthritis
Author(s): Simon Donell
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:221–229

Musculoskeletal treatment in haemophilia
Author(s): Bülent Atilla, and Hande Güney-Deniz
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:230–239

The geriatric patient: special aspects of peri-operative management
Author(s): Dieter Wirtz, and Hendrik Kohlhof
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:240–247


Shoulder & Elbow

Exposing the glenoid in shoulder arthroplasty
Author(s): Laurent Nové-Josserand
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:248–253


Hand & Wrist

The proximal interphalangeal joint: arthritis and deformity
Author(s): Daniel Herren
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:254–262



Resection of heterotopic ossification around the hip after trauma
Author(s): Nicolas de l'Escalopier, Marjorie Salga, Laure Gatin, François Genêt, and Philippe Denormandie
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:263–268



The role of rotating hinge implants in revision total knee arthroplasty
Author(s): Gilles Pasquier, Matthieu Ehlinger, and Didier Mainard
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:269–278


Sports & Arthroscopy

Meniscal allograft transplants and new scaffolding techniques
Author(s): Hélder Pereira, Ibrahim Fatih Cengiz, Sérgio Gomes, João Espregueira-Mendes, Pedro L. Ripoll, Joan C. Monllau, Rui L. Reis, and J. Miguel Oliveira
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:279–295



The role of the labrum in early treatment of unstable developmental dysplasia of the hip
Author(s): Maurizio De Pellegrin, Lucrezia Montanari, Desiree Moharamzade, and Oliver Eberhardt
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:296–301



Use of three-dimensional technology for complications of upper limb fracture treatment
Author(s): Maartje Michielsen, Annemieke Van Haver, Matthias Vanhees, Roger van Riet, and Frederick Verstreken 
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:302–312

Pelvic ring fractures in the elderly
Author(s): Markus A. Küper, Alexander Trulson, Fabian M. Stuby, and Ulrich Stöckle
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:313–320



Inadvertent excision of malignant soft tissue tumours
Author(s): Robert Grimer, Michael Parry, and Steven James
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:321–329


Special Collection: Orthopaedic Registries



Evidence from registries: an ally for surgeons, an asset for patients
Author(s): Rob G. H. H. Nelissen


General Orthopaedics

Registry stakeholders
Author(s): Anne Lübbeke, Andrew J. Carr, and Pierre Hoffmeyer
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:330–336

The what, when and how of orthopaedic registers: an introduction into register-based research
Author(s): Claus Varnum, Alma Bečić Pedersen, Per Hviid Gundtoft, and Søren Overgaard
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:337–343

Generic implant classification enables comparison across implant designs: the Dutch Arthroplasty Register implant library
Author(s): Geke A. W. Denissen, Liza N. van Steenbergen, Wouter T. Lollinga, Nico J. J. Verdonschot, Berend W. Schreurs, and Rob G. H. H. Nelissen
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:344-350

New medical device regulations: the regulator's view
Author(s): Tom Melvin, and Marina Torre
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:351–356

Orthopaedic registries with patient-reported outcome measures
Author(s): Ian Wilson, Eric Bohm, Anne Lübbeke, Stephen Lyman, Søren Overgaard, Ola Rolfson, Annette W-Dahl, Mark Wilkinson, and Michael Dunbar
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:357–367

Impact of hip arthroplasty registers on orthopaedic practice and perspectives for the future
Author(s): Claus Varnum, Alma Bečić Pedersen, Ola Rolfson, Cecilia Rogmark, Ove Furnes, Geir Hallan, Keijo Mäkelä, Richard de Steiger, Martyn Porter, and Søren Overgaard
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:368–376

Orthopaedic registries – the UK view (National Joint Registry): impact on practice
Author(s): Martyn Porter, Richard Armstrong, Peter Howard, Matthew Porteous, and J. Mark Wilkinson
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:377–390

The benefits of collaboration: the Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association
Author(s): Keijo T. Mäkelä, Ove Furnes, Geir Hallan, Anne Marie Fenstad, Ola Rolfson, Johan Kärrholm, Cecilia Rogmark, Alma Becic Pedersen, Otto Robertsson, Annette W-Dahl, Antti Eskelinen, Henrik M. Schrøder, Ville Äärimaa, Jeppe V. Rasmussen, Björn Salomonsson, Randi Hole, and Søren Overgaard
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:391–400

Orthopaedic registries: the German experience
Author(s): Volkmar Jansson, Alexander Grimberg, Oliver Melsheimer, Carsten Perka, and Arnd Steinbrück
EFORT Open Rev& 2019; 4:401–408

Orthopaedic registries: the Australian experience
Author(s): Richard N. de Steiger, and Stephen E. Graves
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:409–415

Will registries slow down or accelerate innovation?
Author(s): Andrew Carr
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:416–422

MoM total hip replacements in Europe: a NORE report
Author(s): Bart G. Pijls, Jennifer M. T. A. Meessen, Keith Tucker, Susanna Stea, Liza Steenbergen, Anne Marie Fenstad, Keijo Mäkelä, Ioan Cristian Stoica, Maxim Goncharov, Søren Overgaard, Jorge Arias de la Torre, Anne Lübbeke, Ola Rolfson, and Rob G. H. H. Nelissen
EFORT Open Rev 2019; 4:423–429