EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue 2018



Welcome to the 2018 EFORT Open Reviews annual congress issue collection. This collection includes manuscripts for a selection of the Instructional Lectures presented at the 19th EFORT Congress, in addition to a small number of high-quality review articles that have been published in EFORT Open Reviews in recent months.

These papers have all been published online, as well as in a printed issue of the journal distributed at the 19th EFORT Congress, Barcelona, 30 May–1 June 2018.



EFORT Open Reviews: A journal on the go!
Author(s): Pierre Hoffmeyer


Acknowledgement to reviewers 2017
Author(s): Pierre Hoffmeyer



EFORT Open Reviews: the Scientific Editor's perspective
Author(s): George Bentley


Instructional Lectures


General Orthopaedics

Research methodology for orthopaedic surgeons, with a focus on outcome
Author(s): Anne Lübbeke
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:160–167

New advances in intra-operative imaging in trauma
Author(s): Peter H. Richter, Florian Gebhard, Alexander Eickhoff, and Konrad Schütze
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:168–172

Bioceramics and bone healing
Author(s): Maria-Pau Ginebra, Montserrat Espanol, Yassine Maazouz, Victor Bergez, and David Pastorino
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:173–183

Research methodology: how to maximize your research potential
Author(s): Cristina Alves
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:184–191



Current trends in the management of degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis
Author(s): Emmanuelle Ferrero, and Pierre Guigui
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:192–199


Shoulder & Elbow

Current concepts in the primary management of irreparable posterosuperior rotator cuff tears without arthritis
Author(s): Alexandre Lädermann, Philippe Collin, George S. Athwal, Markus Scheibel, Matthias A. Zumstein, and Geoffroy Nourissat
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:200–209

Post-traumatic stiff elbow
Author(s): Lars Adolfsson
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:210–216



Bearing surfaces in primary total hip arthroplasty
Author(s): Luigi Zagra, and Enrico Gallazzi
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:217–224

Head size in primary total hip arthroplasty
Author(s): Georgios Tsikandylakis, Maziar Mohaddes, Peter Cnudde, Antti Eskelinen, Johan Kärrholm, and Ola Rolfson
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:225–231

Total hip arthroplasty: survival and modes of failure
Author(s): Theofilos Karachalios, George Komnos, and Antonios Koutalos
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:232–239



Trochlear dysplasia: imaging and treatment options
Author(s): Cécile Batailler, and Philippe Neyret
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:240–247

3D printing and unicompartmental knee arthroplasty
Author(s): Gareth G. Jones, Susannah Clarke, Martin Jaere, and Justin Cobb
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:248–253

3D printing and high tibial osteotomy
Author(s): Gareth G. Jones, Martin Jaere, Susannah Clarke, and Justin Cobb
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:254–259


Sports & Arthroscopy

Modern treatment of meniscal tears
Author(s): Mahmut Nedim Doral, Onur Bilge, Gazi Huri, Egemen Turhan, and René Verdonk
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:260–268


Foot & Ankle

New trends in the orthopaedic management of diabetic foot
Author(s): Önder İ. Kılıçoğlu, Mehmet Demirel, and Şamil Aktaş
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:269–277

Weight-bearing cone beam CT scans in the foot and ankle
Author(s): François Lintz, Cesar de Cesar Netto, Alexeij Barg, Arne Burssens, Martinus Richter, and Weight Bearing CT International Study Group
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:278–286



Treatment strategies for early-onset scoliosis
Author(s): Ilkka J. Helenius
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:287–293



Stability in ankle fractures: diagnosis and treatment
Author(s): Vasileios Lampridis, Nikolaos Gougoulias, and Anthony Sakellariou
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:294–303

Ischaemia, healing and outcomes in proximal humeral fractures
Author(s): Simon M. Lambert
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:304–315

Open fractures of the lower extremity: current management and clinical outcomes
Author(s): Abdel Rahim Elniel, and Peter V. Giannoudis
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:316–325

Percutaneous fixation of acetabular fractures
Author(s): Horacio Caviglia, Adrian Mejail, Maria Eulalia Landro, and Nosratolah Vatani
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:326–334

Pelvic post-traumatic asymmetry: assessment and sequenced treatment
Author(s): Pedro Cano-Luís, Miguel Ángel Giráldez-Sánchez, and Pablo Andrés-Cano
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:335–346

Safe management of acute cervical spine injuries
Author(s): Philipp Schleicher, Andreas Pingel, and Frank Kandziora
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:347–357


Review Articles


Shoulder & Elbow

Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
Author(s): Filippo Familiari, Jorge Rojas, Mahmut Nedim Doral, Gazi Huri, and Edward G. McFarland
EFORT Open Rev 2018; 3:58–69



Diagnosis and treatment of soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities and trunk
Author(s): Maria Anna Smolle, Dimosthenis Andreou, Per-Ulf Tunn, Joanna Szkandera, Bernadette Liegl-Atzwanger, and Andreas Leithner
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:421–431