EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue 2017



Welcome to the 2017 EFORT Open Reviews annual congress issue collection. This collection includes manuscripts for all of the Instructional Lectures presented at the 18th EFORT Congress (replacing the traditional EFORT Instructional Lectures book), in addition to a small selection of high-quality review articles that have been published in EFORT Open Reviews in recent months.

These papers have all been published online, as well as in a printed issue of the journal distributed at the 18th EFORT Congress, 31 May–2 June 2017.



The second year of EFORT Open Reviews ...
Author(s): Pierre Hoffmeyer


Acknowledgement to reviewers 2016
Author(s): Pierre Hoffmeyer



EFORT Open Reviews: the Scientific Editor's perspective
Author(s): George Bentley


Instructional Lectures


General Orthopaedics

Treatment of chronic orthopaedic infection
Author(s): Heinz Winkler
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:110–116

Imaging in peri-prosthetic assessment: an orthopaedic perspective
Author(s): Christoph H. Lohmann, Sanjiv Rampal, Martin Lohrengel, and Gurpal Singh
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:117–125

Tips and tricks for using the internet for professional purposes
Author(s): Hasan Huseyin Ceylan, Nurdan Güngören, and Fatih Küçükdurmaz
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:126–134



Correction manoeuvres in the surgical treatment of spinal deformities
Author(s): Alpaslan Senkoylu, and Mehmet Cetinkaya
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:135–140


Shoulder & Elbow

Acromion and glenoid shape: Why are they important predictive factors for the future of our shoulders?
Author(s): Richard W. Nyffeler, and Dominik C. Meyer
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:141–150

How to deal with a glenoid fracture
Author(s): Lars Henrik Frich, and Morten Schultz Larsen
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:151–157


Wrist & Hand

Nerve injuries of the upper extremity and hand
Author(s): Lars B. Dahlin, and Mikael Wiberg
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:158–170



Advances in hip arthroplasty surgery: what is justified?
Author(s): Luigi Zagra
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:171–178

Fast track in hip arthroplasty
Author(s): Torben Bæk Hansen
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:179–188


Sports & Arthroscopy

Sports activities after total hip arthroplasty
Author(s): Martin Krismer
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:189–194



The knee meniscus: management of traumatic tears and degenerative lesions
Author(s): Cécile Batailler, and Philippe Neyret
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:195–203

The patellofemoral joint: from dysplasia to dislocation
Author(s): Stefano Zaffagnini, Alberto Grassi, Gianluca Zocco, Michele Attilo Rosa, Cecilia Signorelli, and Giulio Maria Marcheggiani Mucciolib
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:204–214

Optimising position and stability in total knee arthroplasty
Author(s): Jan Victor
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:215–220


Foot & Ankle

The adult cavus foot
Author(s): Carlos Maynou, Christophe Szymanski, and Alexis Thiounn
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:221–229

Treatment of hindfoot and ankle pathologies with posterior arthroscopic techniques
Author(s): Tahir Ögüt, and N. Selcuk Yontar
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:230–240



Partial proximal tibia fractures
Author(s): Michael J. Raschke, Christoph Kittl, and Christoph Domnick
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:241–249

Articular impaction injuries in the lower limb
Author(s): Ippokratis Pountos, and Peter V. Giannoudis
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:250–260



Malignant tumours of the foot and ankle
Author(s): E. Mascard, N. Gaspar, L. Brugières, C. Glorion, S. Pannier, and A. Gomez-Brouchet
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:261–271


Review Articles



Spinal osteotomies: indications, limits and pitfalls
Author(s): Kamil Cagri Kose, Omer Bozduman, Ali Erkan Yenigul, and Servet Igrek
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:73–82



Radial nerve palsy
Author(s): Marko Bumbasirevic, Tomislav Palibrk, Aleksandar Lesic, and Henry DE Atkinson
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:286–294

The floating knee: a review on ipsilateral femoral and tibial fractures
Author(s): Josep Muñoz Vives, Jean-Christophe Bel, Arantxa Capel Agundez, Francisco Chana Rodríguez, José Palomo Traver, Morten Schultz-Larsen & Theodoros Tosounidis
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:375–382


Shoulder & Elbow

Distal triceps ruptures
Author(s): Mehmet Demirhan, and Ali Ersen
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:255–259

Lateral epicondylitis of the elbow
Author(s): Alfonso Vaquero-Picado, Raul Barco & Samuel A. Antuña
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:391–397


Foot & Ankle

Treatment of hallux valgus deformity
Author(s): Lukas Fraissler, Christian Konrads, Maik Hoberg, Maximilian Rudert, and Matthias Walcher
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:295–302



Diagnostic work up and recognition of primary bone tumours: a review
Author(s): James Plant, and Stephen Cannon
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:247–253