EFORT Open Reviews Congress Issues


EFORT Open Reviews publishes a special congress issue each year to accompany the annual EFORT meeting. Each congress issue contains a selection of Instructional Lectures that are presented at the meeting, as well as a selection of Review articles. All of these articles are also published within the regular online issues of EFORT Open Reviews.

2024 – 25th EFORT Congress, Hamburg

2023 – 24th EFORT Congress, Vienna

2022 – 23rd EFORT Congress, Lisbon

2021 – Virtual EFORT Congress VECHybrid

2020 – 1st Virtual EFORT Congress (VEC)

2019 – 20th EFORT Congress, Lisbon

2018 – 19th EFORT Congress, Barcelona

2017 – 18th EFORT Congress, Vienna

2016 – 17th EFORT Congress, Geneva