EFORT Open Reviews Annual Congress Issue 2016



Welcome to the 2016 EFORT Open Reviews annual issue collection. This collection includes manuscripts for all of the Instructional Lectures presented at the 17th EFORT Congress (replacing the traditional EFORT Instructional Lectures book), in addition to a small selection of high-quality review articles that have been published in EFORT Open Reviews in recent months.

These papers have all been published online, as well as in a printed issue of the journal distributed at the 17th EFORT Congress, Lisbon, 1–3 June 2016.



Author(s): Pierre Hoffmeyer



EFORT Open Reviews: the Editor-in-Chief's perspective
Author(s): George Bentley


Instructional Lectures


General Orthopaedics

Evaluating physical function and activity in the elderly patient using wearable motion sensors
Author(s): Bernd Grimm, and Stijn Bolink
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:112–120

3D printing: clinical applications in orthopaedics and traumatology
Author(s): Ferdinando Auricchio, and Stefania Marconi
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:121–127

Chronic osteomyelitis: what I need to know
Author(s): Peter V. Giannoudis, and Michalis Panteli
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:128–135



Treatment of pathological fractures of the long bones
Author(s): Julie J. Willeumier, Yvette M. van der Linden, Michiel A.J. van de Sande, and P.D. Sander Dijkstra
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:136–145



Polytrauma in the elderly: a review
Author(s): Benedikt Johannes Braun, Jörg Holstein, Tobias Fritz, Nils Thomas Veith, Steven Herath, Philipp Mörsdorf, and Tim Pohlemann
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:146–151



Surgical navigation in paediatric orthopaedics
Author(s): Pierre-Louis Docquier, Laurent Paul, and Khanh TranDuy
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:152–159

Patella instability in children and adolescents
Author(s): Carol C. Hasler, and Daniel Studer
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:160–166



Decision-making in the treatment of adult spinal deformity
Author(s): Emre Acaroglu, and the European Spine Study Group
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:167–176


Shoulder & Elbow

Patient-specific instrumentation for total shoulder arthroplasty
Author(s): Nuno Sampaio Gomes
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:177–182

Complex elbow instability: Surgical management of elbow fracture dislocations
Author(s): Joaquín Sanchez-Sotelo, and Mark Morrey
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:183–190


Hand & Wrist

Distal radioulnar joint arthroplasty with implants: a systematic review
Author(s): Maurizio Calcagni, and Thomas Giesen
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:191–196



Constrained liners, dual mobility or large diameter heads to avoid dislocation in THA
Author(s): Olivier Guyen
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:197–204

What do we get from navigation in primary THA?
Author(s): Lisa Renner, Viktor Janz, Carsten Perka, and Georgi I. Wassilew
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:205–210



Knee replacement in chronic post-traumatic cases
Author(s): Francesco Benazzo, Stefano M.P. Rossi, Alberto Combi, Sanjay Meena, and Matteo Ghiara
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:211–218

Aetiology and pathogenesis of bone marrow lesions and osteonecrosis of the knee
Author(s): Maurilio Marcacci, Luca Andriolo, Elizaveta Kon, Nogah Shabshin, and Giuseppe Filardo
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:219–224

Treatment strategy for tibial plateau fractures: an update
Author(s): Salvi Prat-Fabregat, and Pilar Camacho-Carrasco
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:225–232

Revision knee surgery techniques
Author(s): Emmanuel Thienpont
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:233–238


Foot & Ankle

Management of ankle fractures in the elderly
Author(s): Stefan Rammelt
EFORT Open Rev 2017; 2:239–246


Review Articles


General Orthopaedics

Ethical publishing in orthopaedics
Author(s): Michael K.D. Benson
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:25–26


Shoulder & Elbow

Complications in reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Author(s): Raul Barco, Olga D. Savvidou, John W. Sperling, Joaquín Sanchez-Sotelo, and Robert H. Cofield
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:72–80


Hand & Wrist

Intercarpal fusions: indications, treatment options and techniques
Author(s): Patrick Houvet
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:45–51



Reconstruction of neglected developmental dysplasia by total hip arthroplasty with subtrochanteri shortening osteotomy
Author(s): Bülent Atilla
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:65ndash;71



Coronal alignment after total knee arthroplasty
Author(s): Timothy Lording, Sébastien Lustig & Philippe Neyret
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:12–17


Foot & Ankle

Hallux valgus, ankle osteoarthrosis and adult acquired flatfoot deformity: a review of three common foot and ankle pathologies and their treatments
Author(s): James Plant, and Stephen Cannon
EFORT Open Rev 2016; 1:58–64